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England Youth Championships 2019

Eighteen ZFW warriors headed to the Hertfordshire Sports Village in Hatfield to do battle at the 2019 EYCs. There were some fantastic performances and four medals were brought home. Particular congratulations to David Sosnov (Gold, u13), Eugenie Raimbault (Silver, u11), Amelie Tsang (Bronze, u13) and to Hong Kong-based affiliate member Lucas Choy (Gold, u15).

Huge thanks as ever to Pete, Matt, Ed and Richard for fantastic strip coaching and to Mike for doing all the behind-the-scenes organising.


U11 GIRLS (33 fencers)

SILVER Eugenie Raimbault

6th Claire Sosnov

U13 BOYS (65 fencers)

GOLD David Sosnov

5th Ben Turner

6th Sebastian Beardmore-Esteban

18th Kit King

20th George Keogh

47th Luca Businaro

U15 GIRLS (39 fencers)

22nd Defne Basak

29th Lili Sitanyi


U11 BOYS (53 fencers)

13th Lenny Clodine-florent

U13 GIRLS (45 fencers)

BRONZE Amelie Tsang

6th Marisa Green

12th Victoria Amore

U15 BOYS (64 fencers)

GOLD Lucas Choy

7th Francois de Robert Hautequere

11th Li Leo Lim

27th Julian Amore

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