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Polanica Camp 2019

The third consecutive year at the international camp saw our largest contingent from ZFW travel to south west Poland.

Polanica Camp 2018

Ziemek took a group of 14 warriors, cadets and juniors to the International Fencing Camp at Polanica in southern Poland for the second year running

Easter Camp 2017

Ziemek, Richard Kruse, Alexander Choupenitch, Gabby Hopka-Varga and Peter Barwell were joined by Andrea Cassarà and a group of young Italian fencers for a wonderful four-day camp at the Leon Paul Centre.

Winter Camp 2016

James-Andrew Davis again joined Ziemek, Peter and David for the camp that took place between Christmas and New Year at Waltham Forest Town Hall, in a joint venture with Waltham Forest Council.

British Team Championships 2016

ZFW entered three teams in the Leon Paul Senior Men's Team Foil Championship, with the A Team taking gold for the third consecutive year.

Summer Camp 2016

At the Leon Paul Fencing Centre, 29th August to 2nd September 2016, with James-Andrew Davis, Ziemek, Peter and Alex.

End of Term celebrations, Summer 2016

After some sparring between parents and members, Richard Kruse handed out prizes and certificates.

Easter Camp 2016

Back at the Leon Paul Fencing Centre, Richard Kruse sparred with the participants, and coaching was provided by Ziemek, Peter and Alex.

Christmas Camp 2015

At our South Hampstead base, James-Andrew Davis passed on his insights to the club members, alongside coaches Ziemek, Peter and Alex.

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