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Number 1 !!!

Celebrating his ninth World Cup victory - as Richard Kruse did at the Prince Takamado World Cup in Tokyo over the weekend - is a really big deal. Make no mistake ... he had to beat USA favourite Race Imboden in the final, after seeing off the current Olympic Champion Daniele Garrozzo in the semi. This was as tough as it gets in world fencing.

But what is an even more remarkable achievement is that this win makes Richard Kruse the WORLD No. 1 mens foilist. This is the first time that a British fencer has ever held this title, and marks the highlight of a long and distinguished career.

Richard has been training with Ziemek for over 20 years

The final can be watched here (with 'local' commentary)

Photos by the ever-brilliant Augusto Bizzi / FIE

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