An Ode to Polanica



We came to Polanica 

The place of work and fun 

And whilst our fencers laboured 

We enjoyed the sun 


The smell of dill lingers still

And sadly we know not why

One by one we took to bed 

And there a while did lie


And through it all our tireless Maestro

Faced the daily toil

Fencer after fencer

Foil after foil 


Our A’s and B’s fought daily

With fierce determination 

Slicing through opponents

Nation after nation


But as our warriors turned up each day

To fight with all their might, 

Who’s to say the rest of us

Were not without our plights?


Ice cream or Tuk Tuk?

Chimney or Lava cake?

Big or small pizza?

Rare or well done steak?


Here’s to Polanica

To the fencing and the fun

To bowls of soup and dumplings

To battles lost and won


Thank you to Dom and Matt 

Inspiration to the rest

And the biggest thanks of all of course

To Ziemek, you're the best 

An autumn full of victories

With emboldened hearts we yearn 

We take home happy memories 

And look forward to our return 

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SATURDAYS (beginners):

South Hampstead High School

3 Maresfield Gardens

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Camps and 1-2-1 lessons may be held at other venues - please check the relevant pages on the website

Club times:

Tuesday 18:00-20:30
Thursday 18:30-20:30
Friday 17:30-20:00
Saturday* 09:30-11:00 and 11:00-12:30




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