Course duration:

7 September - 14 December 2019 (excluding school holidays)

Day and Time:

Saturdays 9:30-11:00 and 11:00-12:30


South Hampstead High School, 3 Maresfield Gardens, NW3 5SS



Taster fee:

£20 (discounted against the term fee when you sign up)


Complete fencing kit provided


Comfortable socks & trainers, leggings or track bottoms, long-sleeved t-shirt, water bottle


Click on MemberMojo link; this will take you to the external site that deals with the club's membership and payments


Numbers are restricted; applications through MemberMojo require approval so that the capacity of the class is not exceeded

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Fencing is a sport for people of all ages and sizes. All one really needs is the will to try it, and that competitive edge!  It is an excellent all-round workout that enhances one’s reflex and co-ordination skills. It helps improve a child's focus, dexterity, confidence, and is even great in developing mental and psychological strength and stability through sportsmanship.

This course will introduce the essential foundations of fencing to absolute beginners as well as those who have had less than a year of training. Our goal for this course is to equip the young fencers with the essential knowledge they will need in order to leap frog onto our highly successful elite fencing program that is lead by 10-time Olympian Maestro Ziemek Wojciechowski and his supremely talented team of coaches where fencers have very successful national and international results ranging from our U9 fencers up to the level of Olympians!

Click on the membermojo link to book a place on the course, or if you have any questions, then please email Pauline at membership@zfw-fencing.co.uk

Our Facebook page features our recent and past local, national and international successes: 


Also, see other news items here.

We are looking forward to welcoming new enthusiastic fencers to our ranks!




The club will be called ZFW Fencing Club and will be affiliated to British Fencing.

Aim & Objectives of the Club

  1. ZFW fencing club is run by Olympic Coach Ziemek Wojciechowski with the team of coaches who coach to his programme. The club committee is dedicated to increasing the standard of fencing in Britain by providing a centre of excellence for elite fencers training for Olympic, International and National teams as well as providing a learning programme open to anyone who wants to start fencing with a particular focus on children.

  2. The club is open on Tuesdays from 17-30 until 21-00, Fridays from 18-00 until 20-30 and Saturdays from 11-00 until 13-00 at South Hampstead High School, Maresfield Gardens , London NW3 5SS

  3. The club is open to everyone with no prejudice to age, sex, sexuality, colour or race.

  4. when entering any national or international competition, every club member is required to do so under the name ZFW Fencing Club.

  5. Members are required to support and respect each other during practice as well as at competitions.

  6. Every club member must look after club equipment and help to set it up as well as put it away.

  7. Every member is expected to fence everyone in the club without prejudice to their standard and is expected to take part in the footwork sessions.

  8. Coaching will be focus on children at the earlier stages of the evening (on Tuesdays from 17-30 until 19-00 and on Fridays from  18-00 until 19-00); Adults are welcome to use the space during children’s coaching time.  the club is open to children and adults on Saturdays, from 11-00 until 13-00.

  9. ZFW Fencing Club will be running regular school holiday camps.

  10. The Club aims to provide coaching cover for most competitions, as it is our belief that the best lessons can be learn whilst competing.

  11. The club is committed to maintaining the highest standard of coaching and will be providing its coaches with regular development opportunities.

Officers of the club

Chair and President: 
Ziemek Wojciechowski

Club Secretary and Publicity

Sheryl Sosnov


Chris Turner




All club monies will be banked in an account held in the name of the club.

Chair, president and club Treasurer will be responsible for the finances of the club.

Discipline and appeals

All complaints regarding the behavior of members and staff should be submitted in writing to the Secretary.