ZFW Summer Term 2020 

On-line Beginners' Programme

Entry for the Summer 2020 term is now open .

Due to the Coronavirus disruptions, we will be holding these lessons on-line, via Zoom sessions. 

Please contact Pauline at 

if you have any questions.

We are offering 60+ minutes Saturday morning 9.30am sessions (the duration may be longer, depending on how many fencers join and how focused they are!).

These are run by Richard Johnson, via Zoom. Invitations will be sent by email only to those beginners who have signed up by April 18th

Sessions begin Saturday 18th April and run until July 18th, at a cost of £60. 

Payment can be made through Member Mojo here.

Sessions will include footwork, lunging and exercises (it will be helpful if you own plastic or toy swords!) 

Keep calm and

carry on fencing! 

ZFW Richard Johnson training at home.JPG

Fencing is a sport for people of all ages and sizes. All one really needs is the will to try it, and that competitive edge!  It is an excellent all-round workout that enhances one’s reflex and co-ordination skills. It helps improve a child's focus, dexterity, confidence, and is even great in developing mental and psychological strength and stability through sportsmanship.

Our Facebook page features our recent and past local, national and international successes: 

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We are looking forward to welcoming new enthusiastic fencers to our ranks!

This course will introduce the essential foundations of fencing to absolute beginners as well as those who have had less than a year of training. Our goal for this course is to equip the young fencers with the essential knowledge they will need in order to leap frog onto our highly successful elite fencing program that is lead by 10-time Olympian Maestro Ziemek Wojciechowski and his supremely talented team of coaches where fencers have very successful national and international results ranging from our U9 fencers up to the level of Olympians!